Maximise leads, minimise waste.

Why Adtorque Edge?

  • Exclusive access to TradeMe data
  • More sophisticated targeting
  • Extend the reach of digital campaigns
  • More leads less wasted spend

Accelerator is AdTorque Edge’s holistic marketing solution that allows automotive dealers a superior level of audience targeting when advertising on digital platforms.

It extends the reach of digital campaigns by utilizing exclusive TradeMe Motors data to target in-market customers outside of the classified site, when they are browsing the internet.

What Can Accelerator Deliver?

With Accelerator, not only will your digital ads be seen by potential car buyers targeted by Google, they will also get shown to prospective customers who have visited TradeMe Motors.

With more sophisticated targeting, your advertising dollar will be better spent, which means less advertising waste, and higher quality leads into your dealership, resulting in an increased return on investment.