Single-view lead attribution platform

Why Adtorque Edge?

  • See what advertising is working
  • Track leads from advert to test drive/car sold
  • Log into one platform to see ALL leads
  • Self-service SMS facility

ALICE is a single-view lead attribution platform designed for the automotive industry.

It gives you full visibility of your dealership's marketing performance, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions, sell more cars and generate more profit for your dealership.

ALICE is the industry breakthrough dealers have been asking for. Make better advertising decisions. Sell more cars. Generate more profit.

Our Work


A dealer wanted to an accurate view of how his social advertising was performing. He was of the belief that their 8-week campaign had failed to deliver significant results, assuming it had delivered approximately ten test drives and two vehicle sales.


We utilised ALICE’s lead matching functionality to establish the original source of each lead and then match them against test drive and sold car data.





website clicks


test drives


sold vehicles


The dealer could pin-point their exact ROI of their campaign, recognizing that it had been much more successful than their anecdotal results had suggested, allowing them to make more informed decisions about future advertising spending.